Does owning just a few items sound a bit too extreme for you? You’ll be surprised how easy and liberating building an eco-friendly wardrobe can be.

Author:  Lea Wieser


Picture a scenario where you get up in the morning and you know exactly what you’re going to wear that day. You open your wardrobe, everything is neatly folded and organized - and you’re dressed in no time. Sounds like paradise?

Well, this is how owning an ethical wardrobe feels. Plus, owning less will not only be better for your purse and your mental health but will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint. 

What is a capsule wardrobe? 

Popularised in the 1970s by Susie Faux, owner of the iconic London boutique ‘Wardrobe’, a capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of essential items of clothing that are seasonless and can be mixed and matched to provide something to wear for any occasion. While the concept of a streamlined wardrobe isn’t necessarily new, it’s more relevant than ever in an age of fast fashion, overconsumption, and decision fatigue. 

Does owning just a few items sound a bit extreme for you? You’ll be surprised how easy and liberating it is. 

How to build a capsule wardrobe

Building a curated wardrobe is about choosing a few items that perfectly fit your taste, lifestyle, and personality. And they must be versatile enough to allow you to create a range of different outfits with the same selection of clothes. 


Do you want to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion and are unsure where to start? Simply follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll have an ethical capsule wardrobe in no time.  


Take a deep breath, put your favourite music on, and get started. 

The first step is to do an audit of everything that’s currently in your wardrobe. Identify the pieces that you truly love and get rid of everything that hasn’t served its purpose - and be honest with yourself. Questions that you might want to ask yourself are: 

  • Have I worn it in the past six months? 
  • Does it fit me properly?
  • Does it suit my lifestyle? 
  • To which occasion would I wear it (work, weekends, events)?
  • Does it go well with my other clothes? 
  • Can I live without it? 

    Work through your entire wardrobe that way. Only keep the pieces that you can picture yourself wearing with joy - and get rid of everything else. Once you are done, make sure to dispose of the pieces in the most sustainable way possible by donating them to your local charity shop, gifting them to friends and family or renting them. 

    STEP 2:
    Find your style 

    Now that you have streamlined your wardrobe, it’s about making the most of what you own. Choose a selection of pieces that truly reflect your personality - and don’t feel like you need to opt for neutral tones and classic designs just because you’re trying to build a minimalist wardrobe. Think of it this way: if you’re drawn to bright colours and patterns, get rid of modern cuts that - even though objectively sleek - don’t make you feel comfortable. 

    The general rule is to own 30 pieces of clothing (plus underwear and accessories) that can be mixed and matched. If that feels too drastic for you, start with 50 items. What matters most is that you feel empowered by your wardrobe instead of overwhelmed and constrained.

    Find pleasure in coming up with new ways of wearing and styling your key pieces to make them feel fresh time after time. Ultimately, your capsule wardrobe should be a source of clarity and inspiration and enhance your awareness for more conscious consumption behaviour. 

    STEP 3:

    Once you have downsized your wardrobe, you may feel like you have a few gaps in your closet in order to make your capsule wardrobe work for any occasion. Identify which key pieces are missing and take a slow, mindful approach to shop for them. Opt for timeless styles and invest in pieces that are ethically made and cut from high-quality materials. 

    To sum it up, building a minimal closet is a personal, complex, and nuanced process and there is no one way to achieve it. So find joy in the process of simplifying - we promise, it will be worth it!

    In need of inspiration? Follow the above fashion tips and here are a couple of wardrobe staple ideas to get you started:

    A well-cut jumpsuit is one of our favourite wardrobe staples - it’s easy to style, versatile and comfortable. Like this Organic Denim Tailored Jumpsuit by D the Brand. It’s cut from soft, organic cotton and has an elegant blazer-style top and mid-rise trousers, making it the perfect piece for any occasion. Style it up or down depending on your mood.



    When it comes to creating perfectly cut wardrobe staples, Oh Seven Days is one of our favourite go-to brands. They create not-so-basic basics, made from fast fashion’s leftovers. Sourcing their fabrics predominantly from dead-stock in Istanbul, they design timeless pieces that look fresh and don’t follow fleeting trends.