Against the backdrop of Black Friday,
the once a year dystopian low-cost spending frenzy,
we present Fair Friday.

Today we will be inviting you to learn in depth about 4 independent, sustainable brands and one of their products - who’s behind them, where they’re made and what they’re made of.

You will then have the freedom - no questions asked - to pay whatever the pieces are worth to you. No minimum price, no maximum, just whatever feels right to you - once you know the facts.

In the ultimate power reversal, you, the consumer, now have total control to decide the value of the items.

We believe an informed, empowered public
will choose to pay fair a price.
We believe in a shift from mindless to
mindful consumption.
We believe in you.

How It Works:

Step 1: Sign up using your email on this page

Step 2: you’ll receive an email from us with all the info you need

Step 3: Shop our Fair Friday items on our site at the price of your choice.

The Fair Friday promotion is subject to availability and only applies to the products included in the campaign. SlowCo reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any point, without prior notice.