Sand Traveler Hat
Sand Traveler Hat
Sand Traveler Hat
Sand Traveler Hat
Sand Traveler Hat
Sand Traveler Hat
Sand Traveler Hat

Sand Traveler Hat

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This Sand Traveler Hat from Hemper has been designed with functionality in mind. Handmade from 100% Organic Cotton and dyed with GOTS certified dyes. Features include braided wild hemp rope, edge stitching details and hand printed patterns using the traditional Indian Block print technique using handmade blocks carved in wood. Measurements: 60cm diameter. 


  • Organic production protects land & waterways from synthetic chemicals, encouraging biodiversity
  • Organic production often consumes a fraction of the water vs. conventional methods


  • This item protects animal rights - it does not use any materials sourced from animals
  • It is made exclusively from plant-based textiles and/ or man-made materials (no fur, leather, wool, feathers, or silk)


  • This item promotes the use of renewable resources - it is made from natural, non-synthetic fibres
  • They’re less toxic & energy-intensive vs. those derived from fossil fuels like polyester


  • This brand supports community empowerment and economic development. They are involved in positive initiatives e.g living wages, education programs, vocational training, charitable donations


  • This item ensures supply chain accountability and transparency - it has been independently audited for ethical and/ or environmental standards
  • Each certification has its own criteria (see item description or email us for more info)


  • This item uses low impact production techniques which can include natural or non-toxic dyes, vegetable-tanned leather or green technology

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