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Good House London

(Set of 3) Zebra Thin Scrunchies

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This (Set of 3) Zebra Thin Scrunchies from Good House London is gentle on dry or damaged hair, which can reduce breakage. Features include a slim design – one black, one zebra print and one white. This 3-piece set is constructed from 100% Bamboo Silk and Cotton and is made in small batches in London.


  • This item reduces transport-related carbon emissions for anyone ordering in Europe
  • It promotes local economies, skilled labor, and community development


  • Organic production protects land & waterways from synthetic chemicals, encouraging biodiversity
  • Organic production often consumes a fraction of the water vs. conventional methods


  • This item protects animal rights - it does not use any materials sourced from animals
  • It is made exclusively from plant-based textiles and/ or man-made materials (no fur, leather, wool, feathers, or silk)


  • This item promotes the use of renewable resources - it is made from natural, non-synthetic fibres
  • They’re less toxic & energy-intensive vs. those derived from fossil fuels like polyester

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